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The Web - Browser Client is loaded automatically when you start or join vortax conference.


Can I download 'Vortax' to multiple devices using the same account?

Yes! Our service already supports common functions of other Meeting Applications.  Including Data-Synchronization that is consistent with our stringent Security Protocols.

After installing our Client on another device and logging-in with your account on a new device. You will be asked to: 'Synchronize your Contacts and Settings' on this device, for your convenience. Upon your Confirmation — your Contacts and Settings will be Synchronized.

Is the 'Vortax' software free to download?

Yes! We provide a Free-Version specifically for individuals using our Platform as Employees. To join existing 'Vortax' conference, enter your personal Meeting-ID on the Download Page

Additionally, kindly consider that Employees participating in their Company's Meetings.   Will automatically receive the full Privileges of their Company's Subscription Plan.

And for Companies — we only provide chargeable plans. Kindly visit the appropriate section. If you are using 'Vortax' as a Company - you can find more information about Pricing Here.

Is Vortax SOC2 compliant?

Yes, Vortax has SOC2 Type II certification. Learn more about our enterprise-grade security features.

How can Vortax replace Zoom?

For many companies, Vortax can completely replace Zoom. Vowel covers all the basics of video conferencing — and much more, including AI-powered meeting summaries, universal search across meeting content, and collaborative agendas and notes.

Some of the core features you can expect:

Browser-based video conferencing with mic and camera settings Screen-sharing Calendar integration (with Google calendar) Virtual backgrounds Admin controls One-click cloud recording Live meeting transcription (when recording is enabled) Mobile experience (iOS and Android apps) Meetings for up to 50 participants

Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?

Yes, please reach out to for information about our discounts for nonprofits.