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AI-protected meetings
for fast-moving teams
Vortax is the tool for teams to host, summarize, search, and share video meetings — no add-ons required. We use a secure data hub, this is ideal for companies or people who value privacy.
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“Even the most loyal Zoom user would swoon over the features Vortax offers natively in the platform .” - Forbes
Thousands of teams use Vortax to have better meetings
Get the best out of every call with AI

Say goodbye to admin work and follow-ups. With Vortax, everyone gets an instant AI-powered summary alongside real-time AI action items, the transcript, and recording. Skip optional meetings and catch up later with MeetingGPT, or revisit any conversation and get the TL;DR in seconds.

Host meetings people want to attend

With agendas, timers, emojis, and notes that everyone can see, there’s less “what are we talking about?” and more “let’s get s*** done.” Plus, turn on live transcription with one click — no clunky add-ons needed.

Give your team the gift of instant recall

Use the power of search to look up anything that was covered in a meeting, then jump to that point in the video for instant context. Bookmark moments to easily find them later, or create clips to share insights and decisions with teammates.

Reduce the number of tools in your stack

Use one meeting tool instead of three! Keep agendas, notes, transcripts, recordings, and summaries in the same place you host your meetings, without the need for costly third-party tools or extra cloud storage.

What customers are saying

As a remote-first company, Vortax has laid the foundation for how we collaborate and learn from each other across time zones. Without it, we’d be screwed!

Matthias Wagner

CEO, Flux

Video meetings made better with Vortax


Annual review? Weekly coffee catch-ups? Create agenda templates that add repeatable structure to any kind of 1-1.

Research Sessions

Turn focus group conversations into a searchable knowledge base for easy reference. Connect dots across projects and get new teammates up to speed quickly.


Voila, a channel for company meetings. The moment a meeting wraps, presentations are ready-to-view at a secure URL.

Sales Calls

Keep track of agreements, feedback, and action items across multiple clients. Get more insight into deal flow and product feedback.

Design Reviews

Stay at the moment and take notes side-by-side as you review. Revisit key feedback to ensure you nail the next round.

Weekly Team Meetings

Collaborate on the agenda, so the whole team is ready to spend more time on discussion and less time on tedious status updates.

Keep your team's knowledge secure.

We take privacy and security for video conferencing seriously.
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